Saturday, June 6, 2009

WTFisconsin: Riversplash Racism

While I give Westown massive props for increasing the security at RiverSplash, I take complete offense in the way it was executed. As a white woman, I waltzed right in (actually waved in by security staff on the north end of the festival), despite having my purse ready for the requisite check. The five skanky bar trash white girls in front of me walked in as well. However, every black person in line was stopped and frisked. This ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED ME. If you are going to racially profile at your festival you should be a lot less blatantly obvious about it. Needless to say, I spent all my money at bars tonight and not at any of the Westown booths. I'm thoroughly disappointed and expect a response from the association that put this event on.


  1. Hopefully people will take notice and put an end to this obvious racial profiling. It'd be great to catch this kind of thing on camera and confront the people who behave this way - and force them to explain why this was happening. Meggy, thanks for speaking up. Continue to do so and maybe things CAN change! I'm proud of you!

  2. I agree. But I also dont agree with the hundreds of young blacks that were just hanging around not spending any money. Last year people got hurt, guns were fired. River splash is know for its opening of spring so the water street bars can kick off the season to get business going from the slow down times over the winter. My family and I were down trying to have a good time, when the sad part about it is you have these young kids or underage adults meeting up pushing their way through crowds like you dont exist. The smell of marijuana every 20ft shouldve have been stopped as well. My family and I have been going to River splash since it opened and this year and last year were by far the worst years yet. We go to support our local bands, bars, & community, yet we feel like it has been such a hassle to do so. Im not sure will will be going in the future until something is done about underage kids hanging around after 10pm.


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