Wednesday, February 11, 2009

midweek check-in

Thanks to everyone who passed around my "I Heart Milwaukee" post. I hope to see some more of them start popping up out there.

It's a busy week here at AWHQ.

Monday: Played racquetball at the West Allis WAC with my buddy Phil G. Had a little flat tire adventure on the way home.

Tuesday: Walked home after picking up Andrew Bird Noble Beast CD at Central Library. Had hoped to match Ms. Quarter's Team Blog on He's Just Not That Into You. Instead ran into my friend Ben and grabbed a $5 martini at Buckley's. Then had a quick appointment at East Town Spa next door. Then had to meet my friend Joan at Brocach to use another gift certificate. More on this coming later.

Tonight I hope to finish those outstanding blogs and possibly do some more laundry before heading to Becky's for LOST.

I also have to fill you all in on the events of this weekend. Should be great times!

Running out of time, but don't forget tomorrow is the Milwaukee Connector meeting at the Harbor Lights, followed by the the Bike Fed's Love Your Bike Party at Lakefront. See you there!

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