Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Milawesome Volume 1: Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast Reboot

I wasn't lying! I'm on this upbeat posting thing.

This is a quickie, but something that made me very happy as a takeaway from the Michael Pollan (recap coming when I have some time) lecture at UWM tonight.

Before and after the event there was a display area for local food groups. Most I was familiar with, including Slow Food WISE, of which I've been a non-active member for a couple of years. The reason for my non-activity was because most of the events I would see from them were $75-$100 fundraisers. Intimidating much?

They've apparently had a shake up and the guy, Robert, there tonight is focused on making the organization more accessible. As Pollan said tonight, you have to "democratize" the food movement to make it work. I was thrilled to learn they'll be adding more socials and more volunteer opportunities to keep us poorer members engaged. I suggested maybe doing meet ups at Farmer's Markets in the spring. Regardless of what the events end up being, I'm thrilled to see more in the $10-$20 range, although I totally see the necessity of the fundraisers too.

Interested in checking them out? Here's a community calendar if you want to check out an event before you join.

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  1. Hey there, Ms., Rachel (my wife) and I recently attended one of SlowFood WISE's social hours at ROOTS. Was a great time, was FREE (you bought your own food), and met some real swell people. I hope we'll run into you at a future event!


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