Thursday, February 18, 2010

weekend preview

While I have to work tomorrow, the weekend started tonight somewhat.

Weather was super killer, so I got in a 3.29 mile run prior to beginning the night's festivities.

I attended the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's Classical Connections series, a nice behind-the-scenes look at Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." After the performance I rushed over to the Bradley Center to watch Marquette's heartbreaking loss to Pitt. I have little hope left for the Big Dance this year, but miracles can happen.

Tomorrow I plan to do lots of laundry after work, then hopefully swoop by MAM After Dark at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It'll be an early night though.

Saturday I'm planning on yoga at the WAC in the morning and then blocking off the ENTIRE AFTERNOON and early evening to clean. Wish me luck.

Saturday night you'll find me in Bay View celebrating a friend's birthday at the Palm Tavern and then heading to Cactus Club for the 5th Anniversary Show. I need to blog about it in further detail, but I've started a challenge to attend one local music show a month. If you are doing so, please log your show attendance here.

I have meeting late Sunday afternoon, but hopefully I can use the day to rest up. Or, if it continues to be nice out, log some more miles!


  1. I'll be at the Palm Tavern on Saturday night, too. Hope we cross paths.

  2. WOW! 3.29?? I have yet to run the entire 2.45 route that I do a few times a week. Do you have the Nike sportband? I love that thing. We could motivate each other...

  3. Hey! I was at the Vivaldi concert too! Wasn't it good?


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