Thursday, April 9, 2009

original hipsta?

Seriously, where is the safe haven for people who like indie rock and dressed in thrift store clothes prior to 2002?

Jason subtly accused me today of subscribing to this mantra:

How do those of us who don't totally suck regain our individuality? At least until these posers find a new "trend?"

The same thing happened circa 1992 when the Gap started carrying flannel shirts after Nevermind hit #1. I just raided my dad's closet.

Now I know how the Original Gangstas feel.


  1. You own that shirt. In neon green. If the shoe fits ...

  2. the punks wore thrift store clothes in the 70's...the grungers wore them in the 90' the hipsters wear them. It is just a big circle and there really isn't anything new anymore. Glad I hung on to some of my 80's stuff, cuz now I'm back in "style"!

  3. You probably just shouldn't worry about it lest you start worrying about your wardrobe more than the people you're hatin' on. Folks have a pretty keen eye about sensing who is genuine.


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