Sunday, April 5, 2009

sunday catch up: because my mom told me too

I'm completely exhausted but I got an email from my mom giving me crap about not blogging lately. Excuse me for having a life.

There are actually a TON of issues I want to write about, but I haven't had a freaking ounce of time.

This weekend was packed from start to finish. Began it at 5:15 p.m. on Friday meeting Becky and Maribeth at Lakefront Brewery for the tour and FINALLY a proper fish fry. Had to cut out to bike over to Turner Hall Ballroom to catch the Los Campesinos! show. SO worth the two years I've been waiting to see this band. I was a bit disappointed there weren't more folks there, but the band seemed to still brink the energy to their infectious, joyous indie rock. The encore involved the lead singer and two guitarists jumping into the crowd. Total awesomeness. Flying solo at the show, I indulged in a couple Fatty Boombalatty bottles. I somehow thought it was a good idea to stop at Buckley's for one more afterward. Gotta love the neighborhood bar.

On Saturday I somehow managed to wake up, head spinning, and head out to State Fair Park by 9 a.m. for the Wheel & Sprocket Bike Expo. Luckily I was "car-sitting" for Larissa this weekend, and cheated a bit and drove--instead of biking or busing out there with the oncoming hangover. Why so early? I'd signed up to volunteer with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. I was really impressed that as a member I got this cool opportunity to volunteer, get a free t-shirt, and a coupon for the expo (which I totally just realized I forgot to use -- d'oh!). But the volunteer opportunity did make me more familiar with the organization I just joined and even more excited about the bike community in this state. [Shameless plug: Don't forget about my upcoming 50 mile ride...please sponsor me here!]

After 3 hours of greeting people at the entrance and handing out Bike Fed flyers, it was time to shop. I've been contemplating getting a road bike for awhile, and well, just looking, okay well testing, wouldn't hurt....
Meet the new member of my family!! Isn't she a beaut?

We took an 11-mile spin yesterday, despite my desperate need for a nap. Rode to Whitefish Bay on the Oak Leaf Trail and back. All in about 50 minutes, with commercial interruptions (phone calls, passing up running friends). My sexy new bike is FREAKING FAST!

Following the bike ride, I had to head out to Waukesha to celebrate my friend Maggie's birthday retro-style at Skateland. Skateland may be as retro looking as can be (grainy cell phone pics may or may not be posted soon), but unfortunately they play modern pop music (I guess in the '80s they were playing modern pop music too, weird realization). One of my friends brought some "liquid enhancement" with her, so we invented the "Slushibu," which consists of Blue Slushie and, well, guess. The highlight of the adventure was requesting a shoutout to Maggie, complete with Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." A full recap will hopefully come this week. Trust me, after initial apprehension, it was an amazing experience.

I got back downtown in time to meet the March Madness gang at Hooligan's to not watch the rest of UNC's annihilation of Villanova.

Was in bed before midnight and it was nice to wake up refreshed and unhungover, although terribly sore from my ride and skating. Copped out on the stalled Milwaukee Challenge: Church Edition and just hopped over to the Cathedral for Palm Sunday Mass. I mean, what's the point of having a church across the street if you can't roll out of bed and into your Holy Day of Obligation?

After Mass, I packed up my laundry and headed to the 'mat. Sheets, towels and comforters succesfully cleaned. Grabbed cheese for the evening at Beans & Barley and a bagel and Minty Green tea for sustenance at Alterra on Prospect (didn't realize they didn't have a full menu).

Laundry complete I jotted down to Brooke & Craig's to join Becky for a music geeking/dinner party/rock band awesomeness get-together. I have a cold/allergy thing going on, so I rocked R.E.M., Oasis and Nirvana fairly well.

Hope mom and any other fans of The Accidental Wisconsinite are now satiated. Good night!


  1. actually I only asked if the accidental wisconsite had moved out of state!

  2. totally rad ride!!...are you uncomfortable with toe-clips??? that's how real speed is attained... talk to you soon..



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