Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Slightly over three years ago I traveled to Vienna and Czech Republic for vacation. One of the highlights of Vienna (other than the art, musical history and spraining my ankle outside an Aussie bar), was this wonderful Pakistani place that was called "Eat What You Can, Pay As You Wish." You had to pay for any beverages you ordered, but otherwise you could go back and forth to the buffet as many times as you needed and at the end give them whatever you felt the meal was worth.

Well imagine my surprise when MSNBC features an article on a British eatery that's jumping on this concept. It acts like this is so crazy and innovative. I sure as hell wish I'd followed my gut and tried this in the US three years back.

I also wish journalists had some sort of budget (or googling skills) and could've found out that the Austrians and/or Pakistanis are already all over this.

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