Friday, February 13, 2009

weekending: celebrating singlehood edition

This will be my first in three Valentine's Days celebrating solo. I am actually breathing a huge sigh of relief at that. If I don't have an amazing weekend I have no one to blame but myself (or my dear Golden Eagle Warriors if they can't pull one out tomorrow).

Tonight I will be amazingly depressed. I am going with some friends to see Antony & The Johnsons at the Pabst Theater. I'm guessing it will be an early night because after the show three years ago I went home, crawled into the fetal position and sobbed. It's gonna be great!

No, seriously I absolutely love Antony's hauntingly beautiful music and the weeping is pretty damn cathartic.

Tomorrow I'll start with yoga, and then I hope to go get some running shoes at InStep (seriously considering starting the Couch to 5K program). I'll maybe head up to Atomic for one last visit. I can't make the Atomic Valentine show, but you should go if you can.

In the evening I'll be going to the Marquette vs. St. John's basketball game and getting an Al McGuire Statuette. Afterward, my favorite single ladies and I will be tearing it up at the Get Down: Hook Up or Throw Up at Mad Planet.

Sunday I'm guessing will be recovery.


  1. Dang you're a busy gal. I like to stay home a lot.

    I tried that Couch to 5k thing a couple years back. Spent 6 months on it, in fact. Couldn't make it past 2 miles. Sucks. Started asking around as to why, people kept saying, "you're probably working too hard." well, I don't think I could by definition "run" any slower. So I quit. Got a bike.

  2. It's always good to keep busy during those depressing times. Glad you have plans, and try not to think of it as Valentine's Day.... just pretend the pink and red are... um...yeah, no way around that one :D

  3. How did the Venereal Disease (VD) event end up going :) This was my first too in a LONG time and I ended up going to an every day event instead of one geared at singles hooking up on valentine's day... would love to know if they are worth it :)


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