Wednesday, February 4, 2009

tax time

I did my taxes today and was pretty pleased with the outcome.

I can pay off two of my smaller credit cards with my return. You may recall my Meghanomics theory devised toward the end of '08. My goal is to decrease my overall debt by 40% in 2009. We'll see how close I come. If I end up skimping anywhere it's going to be on the student loan. I always hit my minimum there, but it's not too bad of interest if I don't pay off more.


  1. That's certainly the best use you can make of any tax refund.

  2. I read ya loud 'n' clear. We've got to slash a LOT of debt before we move. Ick. Mostly all house-building/rental investment related.

  3. *sigh* and mine is going towards a macbook instead...

  4. *sigh* and mine is going to a macbook this year.... i feel bad now!


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