Tuesday, February 3, 2009

thankful tuesdays: buying local edition

Tonight I attended the FUEL Milwaukee Event at Turner Hall Ballroom with the man behind Rehorst Vodka. As much as I complain about Milwaukee, I do have to be thankful for the one thing pointed out in the presentation about Milwaukee being loyal to local brands. Also, our local brands really kick ass.  I know this could also be a "Milwaukee Props" post, but I wanted to put it here.

I am thankful also for an organization like FUEL that truly does give young professionals an inside look. I learned a lot tonight from the hoops one has to jump through to open a distillery to the exciting new product line that Rehorst will be releasing in the future. Fruit brandies, whiskey, bourbon, absinthe...I'm happy to sample and report back on this blog.

I also appreciate that afterward my friends all agreed with me that we should go someplace local. It was a bit disappointing that after we decided on the restaurant part of Turner Hall we found that did not serve Rehorst. Regardless, I drank delicious Milwaukee water and enjoyed a Chicken Schnitzel sandwich. Mmmm.

I'm also mega-thankful to the Quigleys for giving me a ride home.

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  1. I was very disappointed about them not having Rehorst as well. What a bummer! Good thing I have some at home - I think I'll have a vodka tonic tonight.

    Your welcome for the ride home. :-)


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