Thursday, March 5, 2009

milwaukee mysteries: some solved

Above is a crappy cell phone photo of the aforealluded to building next door in my Milwaukee Mysteries post.

Thanks to Michael Horne of the excellent MilwaukeeWorld for finding out this tidbit for me:

#1 Permit 816273 has been taken out on 802 N. Van Buren by owner Radovan Stojanovich for repairs. There is no record of a violation or enforcement letter.
Horne also identified #4 as Milwaukee Water Works. (What a gorgeous building though, wouldn't you agree?) He also dug up this about Saylece's: Saylece's is owned by Cary M McCoy of Jaycee Investments, and has a license that will expire in Feb, 2010. Still not quite sure what that is, and it's still a shame that the Commons closed.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I think I'll keep the mysteries a'comin!


  1. McCoy in the WI courts:

  2. I moved near Saylece's in July 2009, and so far it's been a nuisance. Staff and patrons parking on private property after being asked not to - then rude when they finally get a ticket. Unruly, loud patrons as they come and go... Loud music that can be heard well beyond 50 ft - often with the front door wide open blasting at 1am...Bottles and trash all over the block on Weekend mornings...Either someone pulled a bait and switch with City Development, or they realized they could make more money renting the place out for private parties, because from what I've witnessed, it's nothing like the description I read about online before they opened. This bar is NOT well serving their neighborhood.


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