Tuesday, March 31, 2009

thankful tuesdays: holy tickets batman

I am thankful this week for Maribeth convincing me to get us U2 tickets for the Soldier Field concert on September 12.

I am thankful for the Ticketmaster gods for allowing us to get through on yesterday. Apparently 65,000 tickets sold out instantaneously.

I hope I can have the same luck getting Lollapalooza presale tickets today.

I am NOT thankful for Ticketmaster fees being higher than the cost of one ticket. I feel like it will now be Mar, Meghan and our Imaginary Free Friend rocking out in September. I am also NOT thankful that big sales are no longer held on Saturdays. I think it's a lot to ask for people to take time out of their work day to buy/stress out about tickets. Not everybody has iPhones and a lot of people have strict internet rules at work. Isn't this discrimination against the employed?

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