Monday, March 30, 2009

my little slice of the twilight zone

A couple of weeks ago I was at a dinner party and everyone was telling ghost stories. Although I know I have a bunch from childhood (I was a weird kid and super into the occult--yeah, I know, whatever), I could not think of any.

Well, I got served a double-whammy last night.

Thought I had insomnia last night, but it was super weird. I was tossing and turning and I had a super strong Kat sense. Like I needed to talk to her. But she doesn't really have a phone. I finally crawled out of bed and was going to email her to see if all was right.

And then her blog popped up on my reader and said that yesterday would've been Andy's (her late boyfriend who died in a freak accident a few years back) 30th birthday. So then I was like DANG! and got major goosebumps. I went on Gmail to email her, but she was online!!! So we had a good chat, but until like 1 AM. She is okay, but it was helpful to talk to me. She'd been thinking of me too at that time. We both agreed that it was pretty weird, but when you've been best friends for almost 15 years maybe you just tune into one another.

This morning I was going to let myself sleep in because of the late night, and hit the gym tomorrow. But I started having extremely troubling dreams about my great-uncle who has never gotten over his wife's death (he is in his late 80s, they never had kids, etc). I finally woke up because the dreams were so upsetting (don't really remember them, but they were awful). When I awoke I realized that Aunt Mary either died or her funeral was EXACTLY 5 years ago this week

The thought of my dead friends and relatives visiting me at night is a bit disturbing. If my brother's dead roommate, Sean, stops by anytime soon I'm gonna be pissed or my Grampy whose five year death anniversary is in about 3 weeks.

I emailed my mom to call and check on her uncle. Hopefully the spirits will stop bugging me now. Even psychics need to sleep!

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