Monday, March 9, 2009

monday munchies: post-chili coma

Maribeth, Ben and Becky pre-coma.

Sunday marked one of my favorite days of the year -- WMSE's Rockabilly Chili Contest.

There were 53 chili recipes to vote for, narrowed down to 19 for me in the vegetarian category. I did scope a couple poultry-meat chilis so ventured into that category slightly.

It seemed this year I couldn't turn anywhere in the past week without hearing about the event, so to no surprise it was packed.

Luckily packed = successful, which meant one of my favorite Milwaukee organizations ended up raising $32,000. Rock on!

So which chilis did I try?

Brewed Café (tasty and my pick for Best Display), Fuel Café (mmm--my pick for best vegetarian), Koppa's Fulbeli Deli (the last one I ate, was too full to judge), Maxie's Southern Comfort (the first one I tried and excellent cornbread), Outpost Natural Foods (turkey chili, was a little bland for my tastes, but the cilantro sour cream rocked), Roots Restaurant & Cellar (not a big fan, but great name -- Seitan's Balls), Good Life (hot! hot! hot! best heat for me) and Flannery's (white bean and chicken, my vote for best meat--but my field was extremely limited).

Flannery's chili.

Mar and Maxie's delicious cornbread. I really want to eat there!

Although we all nearly died of a chili coma afterward, it was well worth the rainy afternoon trip to the Kern Center. Unfortunately due to daylight savings and the weather (oh, and probably my hangover), I did not make it to church in the morning. After the event it was out of the question. I worshiped at the House of Chili this week, and that's okay with me. Some of the concoctions were truly divine.

I'll be back next year. And hopefully get a better picture of the world's best mullet then!

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