Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"hope over fear"

Apparently not for these people who have been so whipped into a fervor over obscure Bible passages that they reject the main teachings of Jesus. I really hope they fade away in this new era.

As much as I cheered for the Brewers to beat the Phillies in the MLB playoffs, I can't help but have a major internet crush on the Phillies fan at the end of this short film. I actually am extremely impressed by all of the people who stood up to these haters. And the positive message at the end gives me extreme hope.

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  1. Ah, didn't you get the memo? God hates fags. And America. And apparently he lied about loving everyone no matter what.

    ::shaking my hed::

    Yeah. The rabid haters from Westboro embarrass me as someone who was originally from Kansas, but now is a proud Milwaukeean. I would love to use a Socratic dialog to entrap one of Fred Phelps' people in their own logic, but I fear what would happen when they became the prey in an ever-tightening logical trap. Spontaneous combustion or fission would probably result!

    Whenever someone tells me I'm going to hell, I smile real big and say "See you there!"


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