Sunday, November 23, 2008

challenge of the week: conquering the US via google analytics

Okay, so I am huge nerd.

If you're a regular visitor to this blog, you've probably figured that out.

At the beginning of November I added Google Analytics to my blog so I could see what is interesting to my readers. One of the neat features of Google Analytics is the "map overlay" which shows you where your visitors are coming from. I think it's pretty groovy that I've gotten visits from a bevy of countries since the start of the month, but I like to take goals one small piece at a time.

Before I conquer the world I need to takeover America.

It's pushing myself pretty far, but I need to get visitors from 18 states by the end of the month. I could use your help! I'd like folks from the following places to become honorary Wisconsinites...even if it's just for one click through:

  •  Alaska. As long as it's not Sarah Palin trying to set up an interview. Although I am a "blogger in my pajamas." But not in my parents' basement. Ouch.
  • Idaho. I think Wisconsin is #2 in potato production. You wanna throw down?
  • Nevada. Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. Can you stop sinning for two seconds and take a quick peek at my blog?
  • Montana. I have familial roots there. Of course the stories my grandma tells are from a time when Montanans didn't have electricity and rode horses to school. I'm sure they have the internet now though, right?
  • Wyoming. Wy not?
  • New Mexico. Albuquerque, I'm so hurt, I visited you so I could add a state to where I've physically visited this year. I know, I didn't blog about you. But that was when I was a blogging failure, I've changed. Look, here's even some pictures from my August trip to you:

    One of your beautiful Farmer's Markets.
    From Albuquerque
    From Albuquerque
    I know I can't write in Petrogylphs on my blog, but it doesn't mean you can't stop by.

    From Albuquerque
    The Rio Grande from your river mountain bike trail. Look you have water (for now), you don't have to take it from Wisconsin yet, but you may one day, so be nice and read my blog :)

    From Albuquerque
    Okay, okay, you have the National Atomic Museum. Maybe I should be nice to you.

    From Albuquerque
    Just one mariachi to visit this week, that's all I ask!

    Yeah, yeah, enough with the bad jokes. The rest of the photos are here by the way.
  • North Dakota. I know I haven't been to you, but it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you.
  • Oklahoma. Likewise. I'm a fan of your musical, if that helps.
  • South Dakota. I recall liking the Badlands as a child. Oh, and that's one of my favorite songs, though I don't think it has anything to do with your state really.
  • Indiana. What's up? Show some Midwest solidarity.
  • Mississippi. Again, I'm sorry I haven't visited you yet. I promise you're on the list.
  • West Virginia. Don't you want to beat those from "Real Virginia"?
  • North Carolina. ELLEN!!!!
  • Delaware. You're so tiny I almost didn't see that you slipped through.
  • Rhode Island. Just as sneaky as Delaware apparently.
  • Vermont. Too busy with that Phish reunion?
  • New Hampshire. HEATHER!!!!
  • Maine. Ouch. That really hurts. I was born within your borders. Can't you show me a little love?
If you read my blog and know someone in one of these states: forward along an article of interest and encourage them to pop over, click around and maybe say "hi" (or however they say that where they're from).

If you are form one of these states: Thanks for stopping by! If you have a tip of what would be interest to get you to come back, please leave that in the comments!

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  1. I'm going to Vegas for work next week... I could technically help you hit the Nevada mark!


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