Saturday, November 15, 2008

daily inspiration: paying it forward

Yesterday I got the best email, completely out of the blue.

Let's rewind the clock shall we? Well over a year ago (September 7, 2007 to be exact, always good to have an event to recall the this case it was the Cedar Block Weird Science event.), my friend's sister was in town from San Francisco with her girlfriend. As I remember, they'd both just graduated from college and were in that career search mode.

That was still when I was miserable at my former job and at the time considering my options for a westward move to the Bay Area. After seeing plenty of jobs come across the Young Non-Profit Professionals Network-Milwaukee Chapter listserv, I joined the San Francisco YNPN list as well. Even after I found my wonderful current job, I remained on the list, because I find it interesting to see what's going on in the sector in other cities (yeah, I'm a nerd).

Anyway, some months after the science fair I saw a job come across the SF listserv that sounded perfect for my friend's sister's girlfriend (FSGF) (who did not see Ferris pass out at 31 flavors last night), based on the brief conversation we'd had that evening. I forwarded to my friend to pass along. I think a few months later he'd mentioned that she had been interviewing, but that was the last I'd heard of it, until yesterday.

Yesterday I got the best email, completely out of the blue.

It was from FSGF thanking me for pointing her in the direction of that job. Some highlights...
...I wanted to let you know that when you passed along that job description i decided to apply for it and after 2 months of interviews i finally got it. i've been working there ever since july of this year and it's been the most amazing step in my career...

...the funny thing is, before you had sent that job posting i had already heard of [the organization] and i had just finished up going to one of their coach trainings. after the training ended, the two trainers asked me if i was interested in possibly working with them to do trainings. that was an entirely different job opportunity but once you passed along the other job description i was so intrigued and it ended up being the dream job for me.

i had to write you and thank you for being so thoughtful to pass that along. i can't imagine not having found this job!!!!
The email seriously made my month. Being the type of person who is always trying to make connections, I was totally happy to have passed that job along through the grapevine. If someone talks to me about something they are passionate about and I run into something that fits that passion down the line, even if I only met them briefly, I want to make that connection. Why? Because I'd want someone to do that for me.

You can't create change by remaining in your own little world.

So, to FSGF, you're welcome. It was my pleasure to send it along. And if it took two minutes for me to read an email, forward it and write a quick note as to why I was doing so, in order for you to have an "amazing step in your career." Those two minutes were totally worth it. Plus, it sounds like you're working for an incredible organization. Best of luck!


Today, I got another great email as well. I need to not check my inbox without a ball of tissues.

This one was from my mom who learned how to read blogs this year (and use gmail and I think reader -- good job Mom!). She's been reading mine this week and all of my consternation about finding money to cover my shots.

Well, let's just say my HMOm is covering what my HMO isn't -- 80% of the cost.

I could not be more grateful. Or humbled.

She said it was because I never ask for money, I always try to find a way to make it work. This is true and this is why I'm in credit card debt, while I know a few other people my age who just go to the Bank of Mom & Dad.

Apparently the money came from the "Grampy" fund. So thanks to my crotchety late grandfather, who I think may have gone to India during WWII. He went to China, but maybe India too? Regardless, I'm sure the army paid for his immunizations.

At any rate, HMOm insured her way into a good nursing home one day. Or at least insured that her daughter will not bring some tropical disease to the dinner table when she visits in 2009.

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  1. "HMOm insured her way into a good nursing home one day." Seriously, you crack me up.


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