Saturday, November 8, 2008

slacker saturdays: hardly

After my night in last night, got up early to go help my pal Wren pull up carpet in her new pad. Learned that the key to buying a home is to have lots of friends. Seven of us got up the carpet and tacks in four rooms in about 3 hours. She's very lucky that there were near mint condition (save a couple spots) floors underneath.

Being an apartment dweller myself, I'm excited to help my friend on home improvement projects. It will be a good learning experience for the future, when I can get out of debt and think about going into it again by buying a house. I've definitely decided I want an older home. Milwaukee just has so many cool ones!

Whenever I do buy I want to make sure I live in a neighborhood where I can live car-free. That narrows it down to Bay View, Walker's Point and Riverwest. The latter two are still a bit sketch now, but I think in five years when I can afford to do something they will be improved.

Unless of course I win the lottery before then, then it's Lake Drive all the way.

Anyway, glad I had that activity planned this morning because I missed the hubbub of the Veteran's Day Parade which travels outside my living room window. I'm all in favor of vets (my dad and a few of my friends are veterans), but I'll admit it's really hard to get stuff done when there's WWI motorcycles, bi-planes and buglers passing your apartment.

Headed back out in a moment (now that parade traffic has subsided) to check out a reading/tasting at the Downer Ave Harry W. Schwartz of an Indian Cookbook.

And there's a ton else going on today here in The Mil. If I wasn't set on being low-key this weekend, I'd totally head out to the Brew City Bruisers season-opening bout tonight. I truly love how much my city has to offer

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