Saturday, November 29, 2008

social media madness: twitip challenge

I've alluded to Twitter in this blog before and daily I'm finding fantastic new uses for this great tool. A new challenge issued on the blog asks twitterfreaks to make a list of the top 10 influential tweeters in their niche. While I do use twitter to follow many areas, among them marketing/social media and of course transit news, I thought I'd take the challenge to name the Top 10 Milwaukee Insiders you should be following on Twitter.

A couple of caveats to the list are that I'm not including folks who solely or the majority of the time update from Twitterfeed, nor am I listing folks that are twittering just for their 9 to 5. So sorry @onmilwaukee, @bucksdotcom, @newshub, @bigshoesnetwork, etc. you're DQ'd for this one. I'm also only listing folks who regularly tweet, so even though there's some fabulous folks who just joined the scene or who post occasionally, I had to take you off the Top 10.

Surprisingly most of these folks (save for a couple) are ones I've found through Twitter versus in real life, although I think that will be changing as there seems to be real interest in TweetUps and the like. I have however heard of several of them from their day jobs, and really value the information they share on the site, especially in regards to Milwaukee issues.

So here goes in no particular order (pretty much in order I found their tweets. This really is a challenge in that Twitter sucks in managing your followees):
Who am I missing? I'd love to expand this list to the Top 20. After two of the places I went in Chicago last night didn't even have websites, I'm feeling some love for the Milwaukee Social Media Scene.

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