Monday, November 10, 2008

monday munchies: it's amazing what time cooks up

It was quite nice to take a "me" weekend this past one. I was able to get through some of the piles of CSA vegetables and squash before I have to tackle our second to last delivery this Thursday. Becky and I will be sending in our renewal this week and I'm already really looking forward to more veggie feasting next year.

With the current batch though, I whipped up some delights. For Friday night's meal (and Saturday's leftover), I sauteed butter garlic chicken with spinach and onion and topped it with mozzarella cheese. For a side I made cauliflower puree and steamed kabocha squash tossed in a honey glaze. I don't know the chicken's origin, but all the other ingredients were local. It was quite the tasty fall meal:

From Cooking with Meghan

As I mentioned, that was also my Saturday dinner. Breakfast on Saturday was a donut and a Stone Creek coffee supplied by Wren for the carpet assistance. Lunch was samples from the reading of Healthy South Indian Cooking at the Downer Ave Harry W. Schwartz of an Indian Cookbook.

I hit the kitchen running on Sunday though, once I got out of bed (sleeping in is so wonderful, especially when you haven't been able to for several weeks). I made myself a delicious brunch of french toast and OJ. Nothing particular local or healthy about that one, but darn was it tasty!

From Cooking with Meghan

After the Packer game, while I ploughed through some much needed laundry, I also attempted my first apple pie ever:

From Cooking with Meghan

After a dinner of chicken, spinach, carrots and onion, I served me up some of that pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I definitely see room for improvement, but overall not too shabby for a first timer!

From Cooking with Meghan

And as a postscript to this entry, and to reintroduce the "giggle factor," here's another ahem, anatomically wondrous carrot that made it's way into our CSA Delivery last time:

From Cooking with Meghan

From Cooking with Meghan

Bon Appetit!

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