Sunday, November 9, 2008

daily inspiration: STUDENT athletes

I'll fully admit that my day didn't begin until about 3:45 p.m. following the Packers truly disappointing loss to the Minnesota Vikings. I grew up in a football household and boyfriend is a die-hard sports fan, so I find sports do impact part of my scheduling.

Did I get any gratification sitting on my arse for several hours today? When your team loses you feel like you just wasted a chunk of your afternoon. That may be why I was so inspired by this twitter post from Rachel Maddow (or her staff, you never know) regarding a STUDENT athlete at Florida State.

To summarize with the story highlights from the article:
  • Myron Rolle, who has a 3.75 GPA in pre-med, was named a Rhodes Scholar finalist

  • Rolle has to be in Birmingham on Nov. 22; FSU plays at Maryland on the same day

  • If the game is at night, FSU will petition the NCAA to fly him in for second half

Anyway, read the story it really will melt your jaded sportsy heart.

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