Tuesday, November 4, 2008

thankful tuesdays:

My seven thanks for the week (links may be added later, but I'm on Election Day warp speed now):
  • Thanks to the wonderful Obama volunteers who have kept me company on my treks this weekend and last. Thanks Julie, Mike, Gerry, Jamie, Zack, Brian, V, Kelly, Mike S. and Carsten. It was great canvassing with all of you and I look forward to seeing you on the trail in 2012 (or 2010 for the local races!)
  • Thanks to Brooke for accompanying me to the symphony on Saturday night. And thanks for Edo de Waart for accepting your new job in Milwaukee.
  • Thanks to Becky and Maribeth for being my Halloween gals this year (and appreciating my Ashley Todd costume). Thanks to the Quigleys for having a fabulous party as always. And thanks to "Welcome" Matt for driving three drunk girls back downtown.
  • Thanks to the people whose doors I've been knocking on. Truly inspired by the folks I talked with canvassing, especially Monday night in the central city. I don't ever remember an election where people took such pride in voting.
  • Thanks to my co-workers who have been supportive of my dedication to politics, even if it means I'm a little fuzzy and slow-moving lately.
  • Thanks to my mom for writing me an e-mail that reduced me to (good) tears.
  • Thanks to Phil for dealing with me being a sleep-deprived, nervous freak for the past month.

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