Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday catch up: what's on tap

I have a busy week ahead of me, both at work and after. A little bummed that my doldrums kept me from finishing my article this weekend. I really need to buckle down tomorrow morning and write.

There's a lot going on in Milwaukee this week, but here's where you can find yours truly:

Tonight I will be attending Eurydice at the Milwaukee Rep. I was fortunate enough to win free tickets through the Alterra Blog, and tonight was the last chance I had to use them.

Tomorrow night I have my monthly FUEL Milwaukee Creative Council meeting at the Milwaukee Athletic Club. I will be going fully inoculated against adult polio and 1/3 inoculated against Hepatitis A & B.

On Tuesday evening, from 6:30-8 p.m. I am planning to attend the Paths to a Sustainable Future lecture at the Urban Ecology Center. The topic this week:
Five years ago Tim Huth dived into the world of vegetable farming, and is now completing his second year of operating LotFotL, an organic CSA farm. Hear Tim's "farmosophy" and thoughts about right livilihood in an era of declining energy supplies.
On Wednesday at 7 p.m. I am going to head back to Harry W. Schwartz books for a talk on The Vanishing Present by Donald Waller:

Wisconsin is home to tallgrass prairies, broadleaf and coniferous forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers. But, Wisconsin has been transformed by urbanization, and land-use change. Join editor Donald Waller and other contributors to The Vanishing Present to learn more about the tensions between economic progress and environmental protection, and gain insights into the future of the ecology of our state.

Thursday I have scheduled as a "me night," but I think that may entail going to catch Rachel Getting Married before it leaves the Downer Theatre. Synecdoche, New York is also on my list, but it should be there one more week.

What are your "don't miss events" this week?

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  1. SUPER WOMAN! Nah, I am really just jealous that you don't have a house to unpack while working. I guess I've been doing more than I should (hence why I am not unpacked) but I really need to sneak in the gym.

    My plans for this week are.. tonight catching up on blogging and some paperwork for work. Tuesday I am going to do some unpacking and start the menu for Thanksgiving. Wednesday I have an appointment and then a dinner at the Art Institute of Phoenix with some friends. Thursday I am picking up the sugar gliders. Friday might be a me day and Saturday I am going to a prospective volunteer place :)


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