Saturday, November 1, 2008

slacker saturdays: almost there

I am aiming to step up my blogging in the month of November, and perhaps even further define it's goal and purpose. I strongly hope that once the Election is over I will magically find more free time.

Yes I've been volunteering several times a week during October, but when I'm not I've been glued to political news, mostly via blogs on my Google Reader. It's a sick, weird addiction. [On the plus side, it did contribute to my award-winning (current event category) Halloween costume of Ashley Todd (aka "Backwards B Girl" or as my friend Mar would say "The Fringe.")]

At any rate, thanks for your patience with me through my spazziness.

Now, let's make this thing happen November 4th and move on with our lives into a better and brighter future.

Yes we can!

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