Sunday, December 7, 2008

book club for one: buy postsecret this holiday season

One of my favorite "new to me" blogs that I've found this year is PostSecret. For those of you unfamiliar with what it is, The PostSecret Community site explains a bit of the history from founder Frank Warren's perspective and of course, there's also good old Wikipedia.What began as a community art project turned into an international phenomenon and has ended up helping thousands of people. Unfortunately I missed Frank Warren's two visits to Milwaukee this year, but I enjoy reading his post every Sunday.

It looks like this wonderful site is becoming a victim of the economy though. It currently has no advertising, as ads would be contradictory to the community and artistic aspects of the project. Today Frank included this note his post:
(A brief message from Frank; founder of PostSecret.)

I understand that you do not expect to see my words here so I will be as brief as possible.

PostSecret needs your help. Unless a significant number of the four PostSecret books sell this season, I will need to accept some of the advertising offers I have previously rejected.

In the four year history of this website, I have not had to make a direct appeal like this before, but I am desperate to keep paid ads off this website, I hope you feel the same way.

Please consider buying the four PostSecret books for yourself or as gifts. They are all available in hardcover from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders or your favorite Independent bookshop.

(Sorry for the interruption.)
Consider the PostSecret books added to my Christmas list. If you are a Milwaukee reader, please purchase from Harry W. Schwartz. If you are part of the Portland gang, you can most certainly find it at Powell's. I've nearly finished my shopping, but there may be someone I can get this for yet on my own list.

Remember the economic crisis isn't going to be solved by government bailouts alone, it is going to take collaborative individual efforts to change the world into a better place. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

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