Monday, December 15, 2008

wisconsin to-do: the essentials

After my shotski post yesterday, I began thinking about what are to-dos for every Wisconsinite, especially accidental ones like me. Here's the first 30 that I've come up with, more can be added. Red means I haven't done them yet. Please leave your suggestions in the comments.
  1. Go to a Packers game at Lambeau.
  2. Go to a Packers vs. Bears or Vikings game
  3. Go to a Badger game a Camp Randall
  4. Go to the Wisconsin vs. Michigan game
  5. Go to a Brewers game (I've been at County Stadium AND Miller Park!)
  6. Go to a Brewers vs. Cubs game
  7. Go to a Marquette basketball game
  8. Go to the Marquette vs. Wisconsin game
  9. Tailgate before any sporting event
  10. Visit Door County
  11. Stay for a weekend in Door County
  12. Visit the Wisconsin Dells
  13. Stay for a weekend in the Dells (and include some sort of indoor water park)
  14. Go camping
  15. Canoe one of the state's many rivers (the Kickapoo!)
  16. Tubing!
  17. Kayak in a Great Lake
  18. Visit Holy Hill
  19. Hike at Devil's Head
  20. Visit the House on the Rock
  21. Go to The Domes
  22. Go to the Milwaukee Art Museum
  23. Do a shotski
  24. Take the Lakefront Brewery Tour
  25. Take the Miller Tour
  26. Take the Sprecher Tour
  27. Do a triumvirate (all three Milwaukee brewery tours in one day)
  28. Eat frozen custard
  29. Halloween on State Street in Madison
  30. Polar Plunge


  1. Nice list, but 9 of the top ten are sporting events? I mean I love all those things, but can we get some variety in there?

  2. Come on - how about:

    Close Wolskis
    Bike the lakefront
    Visit the Bong recreation area
    Canoe the northern lakes
    Ice Fish
    Sail the Apostle Islands
    Fish Boil!
    Poke the janitor at the Art Museum
    The Domes!
    Pitch and putt at lake park

  3. Keep the suggestions coming! A note on the sports thing...these are in no particular order, I was just brainstorming and that's how it came out...I'll probably rearrange for the future list...

  4. Great list!

    I suggest kayaking on the Milwaukee River over the Lakes, but that’s just me...

    Here are some other recommendations:

    See a show at the Pabst, Riverside or Turner Hall.
    Race remote control sailboats or paddle a hydrobike on Juneau Park Lagoon.
    Visit St. Josephat's Basilica.
    Take a ride on the Lake Express Ferry.
    Walk all the way to the end of the McKinley Marina breakwater (best Milwaukee view).
    Check out Pier Wisconsin.
    Rent a surrey bike in Veterans Park
    Fly a kite at Veterans Park (one of the top ten parks for kite flying)
    Have a picnic on top of Brewer’s Hill
    See live music at Pier Marquette Park
    Watch the Milwaukee Art Museum’s wings open
    See a show at the IMAX theater downtown
    Take a Usinger’s Sausage Tour
    Friday Fish Fry!
    Explore Lake Park – it’s designed by the same person who designed Central Park
    See how far you can get on the Oak Leaf Trail
    Visit Yerkes Observatory near Lake Geneva
    Go on a walking tour downtown Milwaukee
    See a movie at the Oriental/Downer Theater
    Take a road trip south to Kettle Moraine State Forest or Lapham Peak

    Sorry. Most of these are Milwaukee related, but that's my specialty!

  5. To get you out of SE Wisconsin...

    Go tobogganing
    Participate in any one of Wisconsin's small town festivals (such as Trout Fest in Kewaunee, Francis Creek days in Francis Creek, etc.)
    Go to church picnics
    On that same note, go to church rummage sales
    Still going... purchase a church cook book
    Last one... go to a church dinner
    Ride a Harley at a Harley Anniversary
    Visit a cabin in Northern WI (Door County, while gorgeous, does not count as 'north')
    Visit a county fair
    See a tractor pull (can probably be done at a county fair)

    I'll let you know if I think of more...

  6. Sheboygan Brat Fest (it is quite the event and they look at you funny when they find out you don't eat red meat)
    Bike the Elroy-Sparta trail
    Attend a concert at a county fair (the people watching is priceless)
    Pick a town with a population of less than 1,000 and go to their be summer shindig (personal favorite - Bluegill Festival in Birchwood)
    Pick up the book Wierd Wisconsin and use it as a guide to your travels
    Hike at Copper Falls State Park (I think it is better than Devil's Lake)
    See Rhythym and Booms in Madison - the midwest's biggest fireworks display (weekend before the 4th of July)
    Tour the State Capitol building


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