Sunday, December 14, 2008

keeping my pledge

I crossed a couple of people off my Christmas list this afternoon, as I ran errands around Milwaukee. Although I had to stop at Whole Foods to grab ingredients for my work potluck tomorrow, all of the gifts I bought were purchased at local merchants.

First stop was Harry W. Schwartz Books on Downer Avenue. I found two gifts here and picked up a book for myself. I've been meaning to read Population: 485 for awhile, and grabbed it from the bargain bin for my stash. Not giving away any gifts (to any of my regular readers), but have you remembered to buy PostSecret for someone on your list this year?

Another thing I saw at Schwartz, but resisted, is a gift I've received the past couple of years: The Best of American Travel Writing. The 2008 edition is edited by Anthony Bourdain so I really hope that it ends up under my tree this year!

Next, I slid, trudged, tiptoed and sometimes walked across Milwaukee's treacherous sidewalks (rain and melting snow do not an easy path make) the several blocks to Atomic Records. It's amazing what sad news can do because the place was packed. I bought one gift here, but purchased Beck's Modern Guilt on vinyl, David Byrne and Brian Eno's Everything That Happens Will Happen Today on CD, the Flaming Lips Christmas on Mars DVD and an Atomic T-shirt for myself. Friends and family who I'll be seeing over the holiday, let me know if you'd like an Atomic t-shirt.

Realizing that I hadn't really eaten yet today, I swung by Beans & Barley for some chicken salad and a cup of Rishi Green Mint Tea. I'm glad to be able to support them when I can, because admittedly I did need to go to Whole Foods after that for ingredients for homemade hummus. Their 365 brand really does make funky ingredients a little bit cheaper.

I ended the errand-run at the ultimate non-local store, Walgreen's, to pick up a prescription. I came home just in time for my dear friends Brooke & Craig to drop by some Christmas joy.

Just finished whipping up the potluck hummus (it's going to be tasty) and am headed out in the rain to Turner Hall for The Faint concert. Hopefully will review that tomorrow!

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