Monday, December 15, 2008

monday munchies: pre-christmas feasting

Thank goodness I've rediscovered my affinity for working out lately because the holiday season seems to be especially food-ridden this year. This week is going to be especially out of control both during and after work.

Today we had our "Second Floor Potluck" at work. Trying to stay somewhat healthy, I made hummus and served it with pita, carrots and peppers. I must say the hummus was quite delicious. I didn't get too fancy except for stirring in parsley infused olive oil, toasted pinenuts and sumac.

Although I have been eating out more than I'd like lately, last week I did play around with some chicken. I marinated it in a bunch of odds & ends (calypso spice, lemon juice, honey, garlic, etc) and baked until blackened. I made tacos out of it for a couple of nights and then made a chicken salad with the leftovers. Much of this I topped with El Rey guacamole. Delish! Here's a picture of one of the taco nights:

From Cooking with Meghan

Of course what's really been attacking my hips lately (apart from the beer from Saturday -- which I rode off anyway, right?) is all the Christmas cookies. I still have some leftover from my girl's cookie day (trust me, only a few of these pictured are left):

From Cooking with Meghan

From Cooking with Meghan

From Cooking with Meghan

Last night my pals Brooke and Craig were kind enough to drop off some more homemade treats. Luckily I can take what I don't need to eat to work and share with appreciative coworkers.

Gotta love the holiday season!

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