Thursday, December 11, 2008

preventing spam comments

Do any other bloggers have any tips for preventing spam comments?

Right now I have a captcha set up, but it's becoming obvious that it's not enough. However, I don't want to make people register or do Open ID. I just got my mom commenting on this thing, don't need to put up obstacles.

I don't want to moderate either, so I guess I'll just continue to delete the bad ones.

I'm just VERY annoyed because I got a comment on my suicide post from yesterday directing people to a spam site to "buy xanax online." TASTELESS. Incidentally, I used Google Analytics to figure out where that came from and it was New Delhi. Think I can track down the company while I'm visiting?

On the positive side, I also got a very insightful comment on the same post from a legitimate person out in the blogosphere.

How do you handle the comments dilemma?

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  1. The problem with using the blogger platform is that you are pretty limited, especially when it comes to the absence of third-party plugins that can be found with other blogging platforms like Wordpress.

    There are some very effective Wordpress anti-spam modules

    The best and most effective way of dealing with these types of comments on blogger is by moderating them first, which isn't what you want to do, but hell, it's better than offensive spam if you ask me.


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