Friday, December 19, 2008

weekending: post-snowpocalyptic edition

Now that I've had my the three things I needed to erase my stressful day (a drink, a nap, a hot shower), I'm ready to think about the weekend.

Headed out in a moment to meet a long-lost friend at Foundation in Riverwest. I already warmed up with a Riverwest Stein at Karma with co-workers after our long, long day.

Tomorrow I hope to once again do some yoga at the downtown WAC in the morning. I have some stuff to do around the house (holy moly is Christmas next week?) tomorrow afternoon. Saturday evening Maribeth, Becky and I are going to do the Winter Solstice Candlelight Nature Walk at the Urban Ecology Center. Following that we will head across the river to Mad Planet for the Lotus Land Records 8th Anniversary Party. Nothing like getting your groove on to some old school funk and soul to beat those winter blues.

Sunday is currently uncommitted, so hopefully I can play catch up on a lot of stuff that day. Or sleep. Sleep is good.

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