Wednesday, December 3, 2008

why i can't eat milwaukee's best burger

The question was asked in the comments of my Domes post from Monday: Why can't you eat a Sobelman's burger?

Because meat is such a solid part of the Wisconsin culture, I figure a blogger called "The Accidental Wisconsinite" should probably clear up some things on that note.

I don't eat mammal.

It was one of those things you do when you're 14, decide to not eat red meat or pork in the hopes of going "full veg" one day. But I couldn't give up turkey on Thanksgiving, and living in the Pacific Northwest at the time, I definitely couldn't give up seafood.

Now I couldn't eat meat if I wanted to without getting ridiculously ill. Trust me. I've accidentally eaten things made with broth, etc. and it ain't pretty.

So do I know I'm missing out on a large part of Wisconsin culture?


Will I ever eat meat again?

Sorry pork enthusiasts, I don't know if I will go the bacon route (event though double bacon cheeseburgers used to be my fave) again. If two major religions forbid it, I don't know if it's for me. On the other hand, I think that if I ever decide to have a family (which at this point is about two months to never), I'm going to be some months pregnant when all of a sudden I freak out and scream "BABY WANTS STEAK!" and sink my teeth into some tasty cow.

Does that answer the original question?

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  1. You aren't missing that much with the Sobleman burger. It has a great bun but to me the burger is just average. I think they are overrated.


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