Tuesday, December 9, 2008

thankful tuesdays: snowy gratitude

I'm not going to cop out this week. I can definitely find seven people to be thankful for this week.
  • Thanks to my friend Margaret for setting up a last minute catch-up session yesterday. And for informing me of Kenadee's great happy hour specials. $2 taps and $5 apps, Mon-Weds. When that bar isn't packed full of douchenozzles, it's actually pretty tolerable.
  • Thanks to my friends Christina, Maggie and Abby who invited me out to watch the Marquette/Madison game at Fanatics on Saturday night. I appreciated the kick out of the house. Thanks also to the Marquette Golden Eagles for winning!
  • Thanks to Heather, Sara and Kim (4/5 of the Five Point Filter) and Sarah S. for a super fun cookie baking day on Saturday.
  • Thanks to Becky for being my museum buddy on Sunday to the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design. I hope to put that review up during my laundry fest tonight.
  • Thanks to the bloggers at The Political Environment and Make It Great! for recommending my blog. Thank you to the readers of those blogs for stopping by to check out what this blog is all about.
  • Thanks to Michelle at Loyola Press for sending me a copy of A Persistent Peace and my Twitter benefactor for the Faint tickets for Sunday. (Have you donated to WMSE yet?)
  • Thanks to my boss who did something really simple and thoughtful for me today. It's so refreshing to have worked somewhere a year and only grow more fond of your superiors.

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  1. ANd thank you for being a refreshing voice out in the blog-world. :) Michelle


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