Saturday, December 20, 2008

nature, you disappoint me: happy night day!

I was so excited to do the Winter Solstice Candlelight Nature Walk at the Urban Ecology Center. Especially with our fresh foot of snow on the ground, I'm sure it will be a wintery wonderland.

One little thing -- in the next couple hours it's scheduled to drop from the current balmy 27 to a frigid 6 degrees. Accompanied by face-cutting winds and blowing snow.

Yeah, we're wimping out.

Instead we are hitting up Nessun Dorma before going over to Mad Planet for the Lotus Land Records 8th Anniversary Party.

I'll be completely honest the weather is REALLY getting me down this year. Maybe because I have to deal with it alone. Maybe because when all my friends get a snow day I get a crazy work day. Maybe because it's already been a rough winter and the actual solstice isn't until tomorrow!

I just have to remind myself that I'm going to be in warmer climes soon. In two weeks I will be in India where the average temperature is in the high 70s. Even next week I'll be in Portland. Granted the Northwest has been slammed by snow, but I'm guessing it will seem tropical compared to Milwaukee as of late.

And while yes, I am disappointed that nature is preventing me from celebrating her shortest day, I am glad that technology allowed me to locate the best (read: only) full-length sketch comedy episode about the solstice ever made.


  1. I keep on telling you... get a winter sport! I felt like a little kid on Friday, waiting for the snow to stop in eager anticipation of the heavenly gloroiusness that would become my Saturday snowboarding trip. An it was everything I could have imagined!

    Now, I know you may think that snowboarding isn't for you. Here are some other options:
    -snow fort building
    -snow angel making
    -snowball fight instigating
    -regular sledding
    -or, one of my personal favorites, getting all bundled up to brave the elements and curl up at a cozy coffee shop with an old friend

  2. Ah, going to Portland next week. OR WILL YOU? Everything is covered in a fresh sheet of freezing rain. The airports are F'd up. Chains required on all roads. It's put off my trip until midday Tues--assuming that brief "warm" weather pattern will actually hold. I find this freak weather very inconvenient. It's already put me out of two parties, a brunch and it's delayed my Christmas trip by a day. LAME.


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