Friday, December 26, 2008

globetrotting: two days, travel free

Coming home for the holidays is always hectic.

Not only do I get to fly 5+ hours, but I add 5+ hours of drive time immediately to that.

My parents live in Portland, but my grandmother lives between Seattle and Tacoma. That means every year I get to drive 2.5 hours up and back on Christmas day. This year I'd strongly considered flying direct into Seattle and spending extended time with Grandma. However, Midwest cut its direct flight there, friends in PDX balked, and those plans were scrapped.

Yesterday's drive was especially fun, since the Pacific Northwest is totally unequipped to deal with their version of the Snowpocalypse. I will be posting later giving recommendations to Midwestern entrepreneurs. Regardless of plowing though, they don't believe in salt here, so there's no preemptive clearing of the highways. I drove through snow, slush, snain, sleet, sun and good ol' PNW rain en route to Grandma's and back. Luckily I had my brother and his pal Vince to keep me from going insane.

And luckily-est of all, I had my Grandma and her hugs and food waiting for me on the other end.

At any rate, I am back in Portland now and get to just hang out for two days without traveling more than a few miles. I have three parties to hit up, but all within the metro area. It's like vacation! (oh, wait, it is)

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