Tuesday, December 16, 2008

rock on! eight states to go

Thanks to my mom's diligence in the 50 States Challenge as well as some kind linking by others, I landed New Hampshire (thanks Heather!), New Mexico and Oklahoma since last night.

Let's post a fun fact about each of the remaining states shall we?
  • Alaska: Their state motto is "North to the Future." Considerin' the events of this year, I think they can go ahead and change that to somethin' else, also, and whatnot, okay, also.
  • Idaho: The word "Potato" first appeared on an Idaho license plate in 1928. The now famous words "Famous Potatoes" appeared on their plates in 1957. Did you know most Idaho License Plates tell you where the driver is from? Learn Idaho's license plate designations here. I wonder what Idaho did for the International Year of the Potato? Do you think they made it the International Year of Idaho?
  • Wyoming: "Mountain men [presumably in Wyoming] used the word hole to describe valleys totally surrounded by mountains." Resisting litany of totally inappropriate jokes.
  • North Dakota: The parking meter was invented in North Dakota. Uhhhhh? Is that why everybody left?
  • South Dakota: has no designated state forests. Awww :(
  • Mississippi: "David Harrison of Columbus owns the patent on the "Soft Toilet Seat." Over one million are sold every year." Do you think he's related to the guy who invented the parking meter in North Dakota?
  • West Virginia: "West Virginia University, located in Morgantown, has had 26 students to receive Rhodes Scholarships to study at Oxford University in England." I'm curious as to what this can be compared to...
  • Delaware: "Tradition holds that the new 13-star flag, the Stars and Stripes, was first unfurled in the Battle of Cooch's Bridge, September 3, 1777. (Only Revolutionary battle fought in Delaware.) (from State of Delaware Web page, "Attractions & Historic Sites: Rural New Castle County, Delaware")" Do you think the residents of Cooch's Bridge later moved to Wyoming?

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