Sunday, December 7, 2008

WTFisconsin: testing site discrimination

When you begin to look closely, you realize that contributing factors to the cycles of poverty are omnipresent.

Recently I found a new one.

It doesn't seem quite right to me that there's no GRE Testing Center in Milwaukee County. The closest center is located in Waukesha County and is completely inaccessible by public transportation. This seems to put those without transportation options at a disadvantage. While they can still take the paper-based exam at Marquette or UWM, they are stuck to doing that on a set date. They do not have the luxury of scheduling at a time that works for them. Advanced degrees are obviously a huge step out of the cycle of poverty, so it's disconcerting that the location of the center for the first step toward that goal is completely contrary to the endgame.

I choose not to have a personal vehicle, but at the end of the day I could rent or borrow one. Some folks don't even have that option. That's not the issue here, the issue that I have a problem with is the suburbs/exurbs hijacking educational opportunity from the urban center.

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