Sunday, December 21, 2008

WTFisconsin: weather competition

I really feel for my friends and family on the West Coast, where I'm hopefully heading on Wednesday. It's been freakish weather there with snow and freezing rain. They aren't prepared for this sort of thing, so the cities have all been shut down for a week. My mom's school was closed all last week, meaning a three-week Christmas vacation.

Yeah, I feel for them until I have to step outside here.

The high today was like 2 degrees. I'm not joking. It's currently ZERO, with a windchill of NEGATIVE FIVE THOUSAND AND TWENTY TWO. Well actually -21, but still, that's not inhabitable. I had to leave the house today to get prescriptions, quarters, one last Christmas present and food. And for the past couple hours I have had to leave my apartment to run down the back stairs to switch out laundry.

Even though I had a super fun weekend (my girlfriends and I ended up dancing our butts off at the Lotus Land Records party at Mad Planet until bar time last night. Becky and I knew it would be a fun night when we were offered Leinie's 1888 Bock while waiting for the bus), the fact that being outdoors for more than 30 seconds is a health hazard is really bumming me out.

I love my job, I love my friends, I love Milwaukee above 30 degrees, but I am really, really tested when the weather is like this. I had a suggestion in the last post about this topic to take up winter sports, but alas it's too cold to do that right now.

I'm also really angry at my recently ended relationship, because I wonder what if I'd looked harder to find a job in warmer climes -- since I switched careers twice while we were together.

I'd cry, but my tears would freeze.


  1. Ha! crying ice cubes.

    Yeah, I think in comparison, we are mildly inconvenienced. I hope your flight(s) can get through though. What day are you supposed to get here? If we can time it right, we might be able to get to PDX tomorrow during the day, or we might play it safe and come down on Xmas eve. Can't decide.

  2. Be happy you are an apartment dweller that doesn't have to deal with snow removal (driveway, sidewalk) in this less than stella weather. Although I will give you sympathy points for your laundry situation!


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