Sunday, December 14, 2008

wisconsin to-do: the shotski

In my coverage of santa cycling, I left out one important note -- I checked off a "Wisconsin To-Do" Saturday. Currently the "Wisconsin To-Do" list only exists in my head, but I have a feeling it could manifest itself in this blog very soon.

At any rate, I did a "shotski" this weekend. Yes, correct, a ski with shot glasses attached. I joined two fellow Santas in shotskiing with Jager at Kochanski's.

Now that it's off the list I don't know if it will be repeated.

What are some other Wisconsin To-Dos I should add?

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  1. Ah Jaeger. I was at a party last weekend and after 3 glasses of wine, someone asked if I'd like a shot of Jaeger. I said, "That sounds like a GREAT idea!" (the wine talking). I took it. I was seriously f*cked up afterward. Had to sit it out for awhile. Jaeger bad.


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