Tuesday, December 16, 2008

thankful tuesdays: snowy gratitude pt II

Seriously, must it snow every Tuesday?

And the thanks this week go to...
  • The mysterious forces who organize the Santa Cycle Rampage, because it may have been my most fun day of 2008. Special thanks to Monica and Joe P. for riding with me, my co-worker Dan for filling me on the details before I went, and @Teecycle_Tim's Beer Runner blog about last year's event that inspired me to both go to the ride and blog about it later.
  • The good folks over at Urban Milwaukee who featured my Santa cycle post on their blog. The kind reader who recommended said post on Reddit.com. All the nice people who have commented on the post, especially the guy who said we made his kids' day!
  • My friends who hosted wonderful gatherings this weekend. Jane & Ralf, Liz, and Abby -- your parties were all fabulous!
  • The members of the Young Non-Profit Professionals Network (YNPN)-Milwaukee Chapter Board for allowing me the honor to join their ranks next year.
  • My mom for being my blog bellwether. I realize we have to set some Facebook ground rules, but knowing that my mom reads this blog has made me a better writer. By not including details I wouldn't want my mother to know, I've made this blog palatable to a much wider audience than my friends and I. (Also, my mother helped add Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire to my 50 states challenge, so I can't be mad)
  • All the generous people, including my co-worker Brittany, who donated to WMSE last week helping them surpass their goal by $2,000. They're still short though, so give online at www.wmse.org
  • The person, who I thought never listened, who called after seeing the news last week in the paper.

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