Thursday, December 11, 2008

milwaukee props: rolling down the river in time lapse

Thanks to the folks over at Urban Milwaukee for posting this cool time lapse video of the Lake Express Ferry docking for the season.

Lake Express High Speed Ferry - Winter Berth Trip - HD timelapse from LEXHSF on Vimeo.

I always enjoy seeing cool new views of the city. In the 10 years I've been here, Milwaukee's started to rediscover those. One of my favorite new views of 2008 is from the Harley-Davidson Museum's restaurant patio. This is an area I didn't even know existed, nevermind offered killer vantage points.

The city has also done a good job of tapping into its waterways as a unique aesthetic asset, especially in regards to utilizing the remnants of its industrial past. I think this video nicely highlights the beauty of both the lake/rivers and the steel bridges.

While I've never had a need to take the ferry itself (not even to track down my grandfather's birthplace in Muskegon, MI), it's another alternative transportation mode that I'm happy to have in Milwaukee.

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  1. Funny you bring this up because I noticed the Lake Express docked on the river on my drive in every morning (via Canal Street) and was wondering what it was doing there. Can't believe that I didn't think of the fact that it stays put in winter. LOL


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