Thursday, December 4, 2008

social media madness: ask and ye shall receive

I'm never going to be as ambitious as that one red paperclip guy or even an eBay seller, but I'm not above asking for things or entering giveaways online. What's the worst someone can do? Say "no"? Not respond?

I do have some self-imposed rules, mainly being don't ask too often. If its a faceless contest run by a company or blogomerate, sure I'll enter as many times as possible. But if it's a friendly small business or indie blogger with a giveaway I'll try and restrain myself. Definitely if I win one week, I'm not going to try for awhile, unless I heart the prize.

However, today when I tweeted "I wish Alex Chilton and/or Faint tickets would magically fall into my lap," I don't think I expected them to actually do so. Within minutes I had Faint tickets via a direct message. Do I still want Chilton tickets? Yes. Will I ask for them on Twitter? No.

I know my limits.

Now, I will not reveal my generous benefactor, but speaking of independent music and Milwaukee's biggest promoter of it, have you given to WMSE this fall? Unfortunately their transmitter blew out earlier this year and thanks to the crappy economy fund raising for it has been a real bear. Fortunately if the Obama win taught us anything it's that small amounts DO matter and they DO add up. I donated to the radio station earlier this year, but gave another $5 this afternoon solely toward the transmitter.

If you need to wait until next week to do so, keep in mind there's a fund raising blitz a week from tomorrow. Regardless of when, please donate and help keep great radio on the airwaves in Milwaukee.

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